All-aluminum trailers need less maintenance than steel trailers. Simply put, this means less time maintaining your trailer and more time doing what you do and enjoying the things in life that matter.

Steel Trailer Maintenance

Steel trailers need more maintenance: greasing and keeping hinges and latches from rusting, washing and waxing, fixing chips, scratches and paint touch-ups. Steel trailer repairs are usually more expensive to repair due to the dealer having to prep and repaint the area to prevent rust.  Galvanized and galvannealed steel trailer repair areas have to be stripped of their zinc layer before they can be welded. After repairs are made, the zinc layer must be reapplied and prepared for a new coat of paint.

 Aluminum Trailer Maintenance

The most time spent maintaining an aluminum trailers is an occasional lubrication of the hinges and latches. If you use a high quality synthetic grease, you will even minimize this to a few minutes a year. Aluminum livestock and horse trailers require regular interior and deck washing out as animal and horse urine is corrosive. To regain that like new shine, an aluminum trailer should be given a cleaning using an aluminum trailer cleaner or acid bath every couple of years to clean and renew its exterior.

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